Avexir Blitz 1.1 Memory Modules Presentation

Memory by stefan @ 2014-02-27

Avexir comes to help system builders or enthusiasts which would like to pair the components inside the computer esthetically in order to have a cleaner and more professional look. The Blitz 1.1 modules are also equipped with LEDs for offering additional eye candy and the heatspreaders are quite easy to disassemble.

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At first we would like to thank Avexir for offering samples of their latest Blitz 1.1 Memory Modules for testing and reviewing.




About Avexir:


“In 2006, the founder of AVEXIR, Hans Cheng, decided to leave Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation to build his dream on memory module house with his belief and philosophy. Starting with no clients and a staff of two, he established his company into one of the best gaming memory module house in the world.


From the very beginning, Hans intended to have different kinds of company management strategies; branding and EMS business model. He works very hard to getting tiny profits from memory EMS business to funding AVEXIR brand business.


Brand business is a long journey with obstacles; however, Hans never gives up his dream. He believes that, in order to achieve his goal, the first two fundamental components of AVEXIR brand would be the quality and diversity of products, and a group of gaming enthusiasts.


Hans worked relentlessly to instill the belief that our product is made for gamers by AVEXIR. In 2010, AVEXIR established D3 (Design & Development Department), and AVEXIR has announced the first gaming memory, Core Series, at COMPUTEX 2011.


The next year AVEXIR continued developing a new project code name "Blitz". Products in the market named after Blitz usually make their products sound powerful; however, AVEXIR Blitz Series is not just powerful, it has real visualized Blitz built-in. Once again, AVEXIR has impressed gamers the real gaming gears. Finally, our efforts have been readily recognized by gamers and won Germany iF d&i Gaming + Entertaining Products Award this year in 2013.

Internal Management Philosophy


AVEXIR believes that, in order to provide excellence in products and services to our customers, we must first facilitate innovated workplace with relaxing atmosphere to increase staffs working performance including open communication and individual thinking.

External Management Philosophy


AVEXIR has a strong belief in people and respect within partnership. "What We Believe is How We Behave" is the best sentence to describe AVEXIR both internal and external management philosophy. AVEXIR commits to support its loyal partners in any possible way.

Vision Statement


AVEXIR endeavors to become the world leader of gaming memory solution to provide the best computer gaming experience for enthusiasts.”


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