Enermax Liqtech 120X Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2014-03-04

Enermax is trying to establish a position in the All in One market, however battling against the big names alike Corsair with a very diverse gamma is not an easy mission to accomplish. Though Enermax is back with two new products: the Liqtech and Liqmax series, the former is the high end version, sporting a thick 120 radiator or large 240 radiator and an aluminum waterblock. The Liqmax is the more budget friendly 120mm radiator version available in a single or push and pull configuration. Enermax tries to step away from the others with some nifty features to enhance the cooling performance; secondly the aesthetics of the today reviewed Liqtech 120X have been seriously overhauled.

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Enermax has added a great product in the shape of the Liqtech 120X to their growing AIO lineup, recovering nicely from the previous ELC AIO generation, with the latter it was kindly asked not to publish results as the initial press units were just too noisy for daily usage. Luckily Enermax rectified the detected issues in the retail models.

The Liqtech 120X is a stunning looking All-in-One liquid cooling processor cooler. From the aluminum heat sink shaped pump top, to the Red and Black radiator, will allow this AIO to blend in perfectly with any hardware. Take note that if you intend to use this cooler on a LGA2011 platform the usage of tall heat memory heat spreaders is a no go in most enclosures. This is not a specifically Enermax design flaw, most thick radiator AIO 120 versions suffer from this compatibility issue.

Especially in the looks department the Liqtech 120X can differentiate it from the competitor offerings. Performance wise it's on par with the competition, this if you run the Fans at full blast. At lower Fan speeds the Static Pressure Fans of the newer Corsair range might yield slightly lower operating temperatures, though no one will notice a 1-2°C difference. Of course take note that the LGA2011 platform we use for testing generates a lot of heat. On a more mainstream LGA1150/1155 platform, this Liqtech 120X won't even break a sweat.

Only flaw we noticed during testing is the inability to change to another one of the 3 modes on the Fans. It takes a full dissassembly of the Fan/radiator unit to do so.



The Liqtech 120X is targeted at those that want superior cooling performance at a compact size. For those that just want slightly better than air cooling, the little Liqmax 120 is a cheaper alternative retailing sub 65 Euros. It has to be mentioned that around 90 Euros more the Liqtech 120X is priced competitively versus other 120 offerings.

Enermax has added a stunning looking All in One cooler to their lineup in the shape of this Liqtech 120X. The looks are present, the cooling performance is great and looking at the popular price charts it seems that Enermax is nicely undercutting the price level of the rival's offerings (5-8 Euros). Therefore MadShrimps happily awards the Enermax Liqtech 120X the value award, not because it's the cheapest 120 AIO cooler, yet the price versus performance tells the tale.





  • Good cooling performance
  • High quality build
  • Dual fan splitter
  • Stunning looks
  • Fair price



  • 3 speed switch on the fans
  • Only 2 year warranty




We like to thank Benjamin from Enermax for the Liqtech 120X sample. Thanks a lot sir !


Sven from ASUS for the LGA2011 Rampage IV Extreme motherboard.


Tones.be for the years of support. Thanks guys !!



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