CORSAIR Hydro Series H105 CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2014-01-13

Even though the Hydro H105 has just been officially presented to the masses at the CES 2014 Trade Show, MadShrimps is already introducing you to this latest sibling of the CORSAIR Hydro series. The H105 is manufactured for CORSAIR by Asetek and looks at first glance as a beefed up version of a Hydro H75 with a 240mm radiator. Over the years CORSAIR keeps on innovating in the AIO segment. The CORSAIR LINK software unleashed extra end-user tuning possibilities with the Hydro series. The included Static Pressure Fans allow for better cooling performance at lower noise levels. The Hydro H90 and H110 got equipped with 140mm Fans. So what's new with the Hydro 105? The biggest improvement for the H105 is the thicker 240 radiator, now measuring 38mm instead off the regular 25mm. How it all will perform will become more clear on the following pages...

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It must have been someone in the CORSAIR designer camp that stated: never change a winning formula. Hence why we see no surprises in the cardboard box design. The H105 pump, radiator, Fans and mounting mechanism are well protected on the inside.





The Hydro H105 features a 240mm radiator to allow maximum heat dissipation, yet at a comfortable noise level versus the 120 models. The H105 pump unit resembles many similarities with the H75. However there are a few more refinements,  differentiating the H105 from just being a look alike. For instance, the CORSAIR logo will light up once powered. Since this H105 is build by Asetek, no support for the CORSAIR LINK software is provided (CoolIT technology), thus no changing the LED RGB colors sadly.





The pre-applied thermal paste is protected by a clear plastic cover. Swivelling tubes are of course a must for an easier installation.

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