Aerocool GT-S White Full Tower Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2014-02-07

Today we review the Aerocool GT-S Full tower case, which exists in two flavors.  The model we received from the eTONIX crew is the white and blue model, however there is also a black and red themed version available. Taiwanese Aerocool Advanced Technology (AAT) was founded way back in 2001 and has settled as one of the leading names in the Do It Yourself Market. The GT-S case was designed for these DIY enthusiasts and also targeting heavy duty gamers, allowing maximum hardware compatibility, ease of installation and great out of the box cooling. Without further ado lets put Aerocool's latest sibling to the test.

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A Closer Look Part I

The 3.5" HDD bay is fixed, something we are not accustomed too as most enclosure manufacturers opt for a modular or removable bay design. Either enhancing the airflow by rotating the HDDs or allowing monstrous graphics cards after removal. Aerocool remained loyal to a sturdy HDD bay cage design, thus limiting the maximum length up to 333mm. While being more than sufficient for most graphics cards out there, we still are left with a desire for something more, especially since we are dealing with a full tower case.




The plastic HDD bays are also in a blue colored theme; while they perfectly serve their purpose, again we are left craving for a more up to date design. Why no anti vibration rubber grommets and more preferably a screw less design ? Maybe this all serves for a higher purpose: maximum cost reduction.




The front bezels can be easily removed by pressing the blue plastic versus one another. Nice touch, though how often does one need to remove these ?





The front look can be altered to the desires of the end user. Either by positioning the white magnetic plastic cover high or low or completely leaving it out . Useful or not I'll let you be the judge of that...


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