HIS R7 240 iCooler Boost Clock 2GB GDDR3 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2014-01-01

The R7 240 iCooler Boost Clock 2GB video card from HIS features the lowest performance from the bunch and comes with the stock clocks. Despite the fact that the product is quite overclockable, we weren’t able to reach the performance of the regular R7 250.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


iCooler is Quiet


The card is equipped with iCooler, making it extremely quiet and noise level is less than 28dB. You feel the quietness when viewing photos, browsing webs, checking your email and playing movies in UVD mode.


Boost Clock is Faster


The card has the latest Boost Clock technology, providing extra performance for the most demanding games and applications!


iTurbo - Your Graphics Card’s Assistant


iTurbo is your graphics card’s assistant to control your card to be quiet, cool. Experience overclocking by simply pressing the iTurbo Button!


User Friendly Overclocking Software: Cooler, Quieter, OC!

iTurbo's Fan Control and Fan Monitoring allow easy adjustment of your card to its maximum cooling performance or to run your card quietly!


Press iTurbo: OC Right Away!

With the smart auto overclocking function, users can experience a slight performance boost for selected HIS graphic cards with just one click!


Powerful Overclocking Software

Either you wish to unleash its full potential or to make it more environmental friendly, iTurbo is ready for you!


iTurbo is compatible with all cards! Enjoy OC no matter what card you have!


High Quality Components


HIS uses only the finest materials and the most advanced techniques to build our cards, making them one of the most stable and durable product in the industry. The card is engineered with the highest standard of safety, preventing them any potential damages.


CrossFireX Ready!


The card's is supports software crossfire, ready for CrossFire & strengthened performance without the need of a crossfire bridge!


Product Specifications:



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Best wishes to everyone at [M], readers and reviewers alike!
Stefan has jumped into 2014 with both feet, reviewing hardware at 8am in the morning on new years day :-)