HIS R7 250 iCooler Boost Clock 1GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2013-12-05

The HIS R7 250 iCooler card is a low-end offering for people on a budget, supports the latest technologies and can deliver decent 3D performances at resolutions up to 1680x1050 (22’’ monitors) while keeping details between low and medium. If needed, the card supports pairing with another identical product for increasing the performances, without using a hardware Crossfire bridge.


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Conclusive Thoughts

While the cards we have reviewed previously were renames of the Radeon HD 7000 series with some additional benefits, the R7 250 is in the same situation, when we are dealing with a rebadged OEM Radeon HD 8670 card which was not available in a retail version. If you are already rolling with a Radeon HD 7750 card, we would recommend upgrading at least to a R7 260X since with the stock clocks, the R7 250 will deliver lower performance. However, when we have started overclocking, we were impressed of the additional free performance gain and in the same time we have succeeded to surpass the scores of a regular HD 7750 card (which gets about 3200 in the same testing conditions):




This card is best to be used in low-powered media centers in order to boost the 3D performances without the need of additional PCI-Express power connectors. While in our tests the card did not succeed to deliver near 60FPS in most games (the fact is we are using the benchmarks dialed in with the highest possible details), the HIS R7 250 iCooler could be used for gaming at low to medium details while keeping a display resolution at 1680x1050.


The card can be used with dual monitors but we were a little disappointed that the DVI port is only single-link so it can deliver only up to 2048x1536 resolutions; the HDMI port, however, supports resolutions up to 4K so we can enjoy plenty of desktop estate when paired with a suitable display and cable.


HIS R7 250 iCooler features a dual-slot cooling system which is very silent even when the card is stressed to maximum levels.


While searching on the web we have seen that the 1GB variant of this card can be had for about 70 Euros, which is quite decent considering the overclocking headroom.


HIS R7 250 iCooler Boost Clock 1GB Video Card is Recommended For:


We would like to thank again to HIS for making this review possible!


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