Fractal Node 304 White Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-12-09

While visiting Computex Taipei 2013, the MadShrimps crew encountered a lot of mITX-ready cases at the different enclosure manufacturer's booths. Fractal Design, Sweden's leading case manufacturer seemed to have picked up the trend too and sent us the little Node 304 Cube. Two 304 Node versions are available based on the color scheme; either opt for the classic black one or go for the more sparkling and stylish white version. Also big thanks to Gigabyte for sending us a mITX Z87 board to allow us to finalize our build. Without any further ado, let's open the box.

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One must admit that a white version is a far bigger eye catcher then the more common black ones. This tiny cube packs some killer looks :) Just because its mini in size doesn't mean the attention to detail is less pronounced. With the Node 304 Fractal opted to ditch the optical drive; for some maybe a miss, however this decision creates ample free space on the inside.




Strangely enough no reset button on the side, only the power button, two USB3.0 ports and the mandatory audio in and out jacks are provided. The front led has a dual function, one as power and secondly as HDD activity LED.




The two black meshed grills allow for extra ventilation. The small one allows the the power supply to vent out hot air, while the bigger one on the other side allows the graphics card to breathe a bit more freely.

Rear ventilation is provided by a Fractal Silent R2 140mm Fan, expelling the buildup heat, yet at a minimal noise level. Just right of the fan we spot the build in 3 speed fan controller. A total of 3 fans can be hooked up to this controller. By removing the two black ventilated brackets, it allows you to install either a GPU or other add-on cards in this Node 304.




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