Cooler Master CM Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2013-11-05

The Pulse-R headset from Cooler Master takes part of the latest CM Storm Aluminum series and features 42mm drivers along with large cushioned ear cups and headband for providing maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. The cable is braided, removable and we get extra eye-candy thanks to the illuminated grooves within the ear cups; the tip of the microphone, when active, is also lighted up so we are ready to give commands in-game.

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Conclusive Thoughts

For testing the headset, we have connected it to our Creative Sound Blaster Titanium HD sound card and ran multiple games, TV shows, but also played some music. As with most gaming headsets, we are used on seeing more accents on the medium and low frequencies so we will get cool effects when bombs go off, in shooters but also in car games. While playing music we felt the need to work a little bit with the equalizer in order to expose more of the high frequencies and the end result was quite good.


Cooler Master did use high quality materials with the headset and the cable is braided for extra durability. One unique feature of this headset is the removable aluminum plates, which can be removed with the help of an Allen key for painting in our favorite custom colors. The white LEDs are present on both cups, the in-line remote and the tip of the microphone lights up when it is enabled. Speaking of the in-line remote, we would have really liked to have a wheel for modifiying the volume in the place of the slider, since we have seen that the solution chosen by Cooler Master is really sensitive and we can end up turning up the volume too high or too low if we are in a hurry.


Considering that Cooler Master has thought this headset for both home use and LAN parties (thanks to the removable cable), we would have really liked to see a carry pouch included inside the package for an easier transportation, even if this accessory could have raised the price by just a little.


The Pulse-R headset can be found online for about 70 Euros, a fair price, in our opinion, for what it is offered.


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We would like to thank again to Cooler Master for making this review possible!


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