Cooler Master CM Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2013-11-05

The Pulse-R headset from Cooler Master takes part of the latest CM Storm Aluminum series and features 42mm drivers along with large cushioned ear cups and headband for providing maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. The cable is braided, removable and we get extra eye-candy thanks to the illuminated grooves within the ear cups; the tip of the microphone, when active, is also lighted up so we are ready to give commands in-game.

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A Closer Look Part III

On the bottom of the left cup we will find the connectors for microphone and audio/power cable:




On the inside of each cup we will get to see the branded CM Storm fabric. Each one hides a 42mm driver with frequency response between 20Hz and 20KHz:




The headset can be adjusted in small steps in order to achieve a perfect fit:




The top side of the headset we will see again the CM Storm branding:




The microphone can be attached in just a couple of seconds when needed:





When the headset is connected to a spare USB port, boom, we get to see the stylish white illuminated grooves within each ear cup:




As we have also mentioned before, the remote is also lighted up for an easier identification in low light conditions:




When the microphone is activated, its tip will also be lighted up, this without distracting us unnecessary during gaming:




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