Ebode VLHD30 Full HDMI Wireless Audio/Video Sender System Review

Audio/Others by petervandamned @ 2013-07-03

No more visible HDMI cables. Wireless HDMI until 30 meters for connecting to your HD video devices. This system, receiver and transmitter, sends High-Definition audio/video to your receiver and/or HDTV (or projector), everywhere in and around the house.

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Real Life Test

As we already showed the power supplies, this device needs normal power from the power wallet. No batteries, so wireless is limited to the HDMI signal.

Connecting the reciever to the Full HD Samsung TV in my living room on the first floor of the house:

Connecting my laptop to the transmitter, on the second floor of the house. Will this work straight out of the box? According to my daughter it does.

But how about a test done by a old guy, who has a lot of home entertainment devices and toys for boys. First of all why do you want a wireless HDMI system? 

Perhaps if you have a television in the master bedroom on the (in my case) third floor of the house, and no DVD player or any other digital player. Could this work ? Lets find out now.

Will be using my old trusty Samsung Blu Ray player for testing in my work/test room on the second floor. Will this work? One floor between plus the lenght of 11 meter. The BR player is at the end of the house and the bedroom TV at the front.

First of all a view from the bedroom to show you it's not on ground floor.

Second the BR player on the second floor 

AND ?????????????????

Yes this test was completed 100% 1080p picture.

Now on to a harder test. BR player on ground floor also at the end of the house. @ 2 floors connecting power.

AND ????????????????????

No BladeRunner here. But as the manual already told us:

Transmission Distance <= 35 meters LOS (line of sight). For next test we will work on one floor and all in sight. I can test within a range of 20 meters. In the end I will use this for the bathroom plasma. So i can stream movies for my girls from my workroom. 


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