Ebode VLHD30 Full HDMI Wireless Audio/Video Sender System Review

Audio/Others by petervandamned @ 2013-07-03

No more visible HDMI cables. Wireless HDMI until 30 meters for connecting to your HD video devices. This system, receiver and transmitter, sends High-Definition audio/video to your receiver and/or HDTV (or projector), everywhere in and around the house.

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Packaging and Unpacking

Another postman delivery form Ebode, this time a Wireless HDMI system. Called VLHD30.

Package says all Full HP 1080p and wireless.

On the back we find the basic's for this device in several languages. So whats inside?

One transmitter.

One receiver.

One Usb cable (a - a)

Two HDMI cables

Two Holding chassis

Two Power suplies

One IR Emitter

And the user manual. So we have a total of:

Let's get this connected and find out if it will work.

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