Streacom FC8 Evo Fanless Chassis Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by stefan @ 2013-06-18

The FC8 Evo case from Streacom has a very clean, professional look and is ideal for people which want absolute silence when working at their PC. The installation instructions are explained with both photos and text and if we are patient, there should be no issues. Also, there are plenty of additional accessories that can be bought from them like the slot-loading optical drive, USB 3.0 cable or IR sensor + remote.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The FC8 Evo enclosure is shipped inside a medium-sized black cardboard box, with the company logo on top:




The box is also provided with a plastic handle for easy manipulation:




Right after opening up the box, we will be welcomed by the User Guide, which is really helpful during the installation:




Inside the manual we will also find an addendum, telling us that the new product version also features some screws with springs for mounting the CPU plate:




The enclosure is fully wrapped inside the box with protective material in order to eliminate the risks during transport:




The FC8 Evo is made entirely from aluminum, 4mm thick and comes with a silver sandblast finish:




The front maintains a clean, professional look, with an opening for the optical drive, the power button and some USB ports:




The optical drive opening is also provided with a small Eject button:




Near the power button we will also find a small blue power LED:




The two USB ports are next to a small black plastic window for the IR sensor:




On the right side of the case we will see the aluminum fin design, built this way for a better heat dissipation of the case wall:




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