Intel Haswell 4th Generation CPU: i5-4670K and i7-4770K Review

CPU by leeghoofd @ 2013-06-01

Intel keeps on pushing their technology to the max. Even while being the performance leader in most hardware segments, their engineers are driven to (re)design new architectures to satisfy the end-user's desire for more speed. However the focus with this CPU generation is not purely based on raw speed; this 4th generation main objective is to reduce the power consumption to the max, to gain grounds in the portable market. Rumor that Intel was pulling out of the desktop market has partially become reality. Not leaving the desktop market for what it is, as they will continue to develop the chipsets and processors. With Haswell we see the last releases of Intel's own motherboard branch. The market share of notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets and mini enclosures are steadily taking over the market share of the desktop. Enhanced battery life, a result of a reduced power consumption, an enhanced onboard graphic chip and the reduction of required motherboard components are the major trademarks of Intel's 4th generation processors. Time to put both K skews to the test.

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Z87 Chipset

With the launch of a new CPU version, Intel coincides the release with a new chipset. For Haswell a new socket version is also introduced. Farewell socket 1155, welcome socket 1150. Codenamed Lynx Point, retail boards will feature version C2, which fixes the disappearing USB issues when the computer went into sleep mode.

Not many novelties, besides the integration of USB3.0, which no longer requires the need of aftermarket chips, but is controlled by the xHCI (Exensible Host Controller Interface). The Rapid Storage Technology is updated to allow more control over the HDDs and SSDs. On our sample Gigabyte board all S-ATA ports were 6Gb/s versions too now. Native support is also added for Thunderbolt.



Different versions will be available, each targeted at their specific audience.

B85,Q87 and Q85 for the bussiness oriented market. with B85 being the budget offering.

H87 will be the mainstream chipset.

Z87 and Z85 will be aimed at overclockers and enthusiasts, supporting multi GPU configurations.



The XMP 1.3 profile remains in force. We already received from Corsair one their first Haswell ready Vengeance Pro series kit.



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