Intel Haswell 4th Generation CPU: i5-4670K and i7-4770K Review

CPU by leeghoofd @ 2013-06-01

Intel keeps on pushing their technology to the max. Even while being the performance leader in most hardware segments, their engineers are driven to (re)design new architectures to satisfy the end-user's desire for more speed. However the focus with this CPU generation is not purely based on raw speed; this 4th generation main objective is to reduce the power consumption to the max, to gain grounds in the portable market. Rumor that Intel was pulling out of the desktop market has partially become reality. Not leaving the desktop market for what it is, as they will continue to develop the chipsets and processors. With Haswell we see the last releases of Intel's own motherboard branch. The market share of notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets and mini enclosures are steadily taking over the market share of the desktop. Enhanced battery life, a result of a reduced power consumption, an enhanced onboard graphic chip and the reduction of required motherboard components are the major trademarks of Intel's 4th generation processors. Time to put both K skews to the test.

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Integrated Graphics

Intel has upgraded the integrated graphics core with these 4th generation CPUs. Branded as Iris for the GT3 (28W) version or the way more powerfull GT3e aka Iris Pro. The latter's performance should be similar as a dedicated Nvidia Geforce GT 650M GPU, thanks to the integration of ultra fast 128Mb eDRAM memory. For the lower specced models GT3 15W and GT1 and GT2, Intel continues to label them as HD graphics. Iris and Iris Pro are more targeted for the mobile market, as only one desktop BGA version, (read non socket 1150) the i7-4770R will be manufactured.

New is that all desktop models are now equipped with the same HD graphics 4600 iGPU aka GT2. Previously only the high end models got equipped with the fastest HD version. All versions, with the exemption of the GT3e are relying on the system's memory.

Below is a taking out of the Intel presentation concerning the eDRAM equipped Iris Pro version.



We are only listing the different desktop versions starting off with the i7 ones (4cores/8threads):



For the I5 ( 4cores/4threads) there are far more variants, to suit the needs for the different end-users.



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