TRENDnet AC1200 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter (TEW-805UB) Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2013-06-17

The latest TEW-805UB AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi USB adapter from TRENDnet comes in to join the available AC routers in order to provide high transfer speeds. The product has been updated to the USB 3.0 bus while maintaining the same chassis design as the older models.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

In the following review we will look upon the latest Wireless USB adapter from TRENDnet supporting the latest AC standard; as we have been accustomed with the TRENDnet packaging, the box comes fully sealed:




On the top side of the box we will see a photo of the actual product, along with a small performance meter, some product highlights and a QR code, which is widely used on many products nowadays:




One of the sides will come with the list of product Features and Package Contents:




If we want to learn more about the adapter, we should turn the box on the side; besides the small description we will also see an exemplification of a network solution:




Besides the adapter, we will get a disk with drivers and software utilities, but also a small guide:




The guide we mentioned earlier shows the hardware installation but how to work with the software application:




To avoid scratches during transit, TRENDnet has covered the adapter with a transparent plastic film:




Surprisingly, when looking at the adapter, we have to say that its chassis looks identical with many other similar products we have reviewed from them in the past, so no variation has been done in this direction. The top area comes with an activity LED, a WPS button but also a TRENDnet logo:




On the back side of the adapter we can see the MAC, the code name and hardware revision, but also the serial number:




The TEW-805UB adapter is the first USB 3.0 model which features an USB 3.0 interface:




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