Sitecom Wi-Fi Router X6 N900 (WLR-6100) Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2013-05-24

Sitecom has reinvented itself with a new look on both the website and the products. Their latest X6 N900 WLR-6100 is a dual-band router with 450Mbps rating on both frequencies, which also sports SCS (Sitecom Cloud Security) subscription free for the first six months, but also multiple mounting possibilities and two USB 2.0 ports for connecting printers and storage devices.

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About Sitecom Cloud Security



Sitecom stands for user-friendly and reliable network solutions for home users. With Sitecom Cloud Security, Sitecom goes one step further and ensures that you can surf the Internet even more safely, not only on your PC, but on all the devices in your home which you use to access the Internet. It does not matter whether you surf the Internet on a laptop, a tablet, a mobile telephone or your television. Thanks to the security that is integrated in the router, all the Internet devices in your home are protected against the dangers of Internet criminality.


Sitecom Cloud Security consists of four elements which, together, make it safer to surf the Internet. These elements are:


Antivirus and Antimalware


Protection against unsafe websites

Advertisement Blocking


As you would expect from a Sitecom product, Sitecom Cloud Security is very easy to install. You activate the security in your router with just one click of your mouse. That is how simple it is to protect the devices in your home so that you can safely surf the Internet.


Once you have activated Sitecom Cloud Security, your router will work together with Sitecom’s powerful servers, which are located in various locations throughout the Internet. Harmful websites and unwanted advertisements will be recognized by our servers and blocked by the router. You will also be protected against downloading files which contain viruses, as well as against fraudulent websites which try to trick you into giving them your personal details.


Sitecom Cloud Security has been designed to make surfing the Internet safer. It is additional protection. Since it is integrated in the router, all the devices in your home will be protected and this will help to make it safer to surf the Internet.


It is supplementary to antivirus software, which not only protects you against threats on the Internet, but also has other functionality. For example, a good, up-to-date virus scanner will also allow you to safely download files from, for example, a USB stick and will protect you from other risks on the Internet, such as those found on FTP and P2P networks like Bittorrent.


Sitecom Cloud Security is, therefore, supplementary to your virus scanner. Compare it with your house. A virus scanner ensures that your house is safely locked, whilst Sitecom Cloud Security also locks the garden gate.

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Comment from jmke @ 2013/05/28
does it pass the custom firmware test? Tomato, DDR-WRT or other?
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2013/05/29
Originally Posted by jmke View Post
does it pass the custom firmware test? Tomato, DDR-WRT or other?
The router is a bit too new and haven't seen so far the model listed on the custom firmware websites.