EK Waterblock L 360 Kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2013-05-10

During the last years, many cooling vendors included all in one liquid cooling solutions into their lineups. While being very popular,  thanks to the good cooling performance, plus requiring zero maintenance and their ease of installation, the 120mm models had a major drawback. The noise generated was either at a disturbing level when the end user required maximum cooling. Or the cooling performance would get a significant performance hit, when the fan speeds were lowered. The larger 240mm models coped far better with modern processors. Thanks to the larger dissipation area the 240 versions allowed them to operate at a far more acceptable noise level. With the new breed 140 or 280mm AIOs the gap is closed again with the full blown do-it-yourself watercooled kits. Today we review a true watercooling kit, in it's purest form: the Slovenian EK waterblocks LT 360.

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The Packaging

The Slovenian EK watercooling company has established itself, during the years, amongst other big companies alike Swiftech, Koolance and Alphacool. Combining cooling performance with stunning aesthetic designed blocks, EK has found it's way to many cooling fascionata's hearts.

Today we review one of the three brand new L complete watercooling solutions. The latest L series are available in three logic flavours: The L 120 model sporting a 120 radiator, the medium sized L 240 with a dual fan radiator and the triple fan behemoth, the L 360. Today we test the massive 360 version inside our Lian Li full tower enclosure.

All the kits comprise the same components, only the radiator size and amount of fans differ from kit to kit.

The universal CPU waterblock is the EK Supreme LTX UNI CSQ version with the new PreciseMount mounting mechanism. While not being the ultimate CPU cooling block in EK's line up, this LighXTreme is a well balanced performance/price CPU cooling block.




This block is the successor of the renown EK-Supreme LT block, providing a 10% higher flow rate and better cooling performance. The base plate is made of electrolytic copper. A total of 46 channels provide the cooling surface on the inside. The top is made of a satin finished acrylic material. I always favoured the black acetal block versions, just for their more professional look, but it's all a matter of personal taste. Two holes are pre drilled to insert LEDs to add some extra bling bling.





The LTX block is compatible with all Intel sockets:

  • Intel LGA-775
  • Intel LGA-1366
  • Intel LGA-1155/1156
  • Intel LGA 2011

For the AMD users EK includes the AMD top bracket in the L 360 kit. Compatibility is assured for:

  • AMD socket 939,754, 940
  • AMD socket AM2, AM2+,AM3, AM3+, FM1 and FM2

The new LT 360 included mounting mechanism differs from the standalone LTX waterblock kits. The improved PreciseMount mechanism allows for a perfect mounting time after time. This in typical EK style, sporting a very successful pro finish.



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