Talismoon Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2013-04-24

The Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 is a modification PCB from Talismoon which allows adding a lot of features to the original controller like Rapid Fire, 17 programmable buttons, instant Macro creation, multiple profiles, Voice commands, the ability to use multiple controllers at once in single player games and more.

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At first we would like to thank Talismoon for offering a sample of their Wolf Controller for testing and reviewing.




About Talismoon:


“Talismoon is an exciting and fast growing company which aims to go that extra mile in satisfying the ever-growing niche gamer market.


Our motto relies heavily on three key phrases, quality, innovation and low prices. Talismoon products are designed on a global scale in both Europe and North America, with operations head quartered in France. When you order a Talismoon product, you can be assured of quality to rival the big name brands but at a price that won’t break the bank by any means.


We have 3 development centers: one in France, one in Canada and one in Hong Kong.


Our factory is located in the Shenzhen area in China.


Our international staff of young videogames and electronics fanatics allows us to produce products for ourselves that will appeal to millions of people around the world”


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