Talismoon Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2013-04-24

The Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 is a modification PCB from Talismoon which allows adding a lot of features to the original controller like Rapid Fire, 17 programmable buttons, instant Macro creation, multiple profiles, Voice commands, the ability to use multiple controllers at once in single player games and more.

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Product Specifications

Product Description:


Talismoon Wolf Controller is the best of what rapid fire mods can offer, and a lot more. It provides every functions existing on the various on all available Rapid Fire Mods, and adds many unique function you will not find anywhere else. It is simply put the ultimate Rapid Fire Mod!


Product Specifications:


Bluetooth Enabled: Log into your Wolf from any PC or Android device


Control over 17 buttons


Easy, drag and drop macro creation:


Upload your macros to the Wolf and download them from the net

Record macros, live, in the game you are playing

Design how you want to swap macros, with the combination (or voice command) YOU selected


Configure your Wolf from any PC or Android device

(with iOS and WP8 coming soon)


Wolf Pack mode for single player games:

Add one, two or three additional Wolf Controllers to your ‘Pack’ and all other controllers can play in the single player game at the same time!


Voice commands:

Control your Wolf by simply speaking, from simple ‘Reload’ to complex macros with just the sound of your voice


Lights: Wolf comes with bright blue LEDs that you can configure on/off/flashing


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