LUXA2 Macbook Pro 15 inch Unibody Sleeve Presentation

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-12-12

If we are traveling often, we have multiple ways of protecting the chassis of our favorite Macbook Pro; one of them is the LUXA2 Macbook Pro 15’’ Unibody sleeve. The laptop can be inserted into the sleeve with ease, which is made from high quality leather and besides protection, we give it an overall professional look.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The LUXA2 Leather Sleeve is, without a doubt, an useful accessory that enhances the protection of our Macbook Pro Unibody during travel and is made from genuine leather, with a simple and professional design; the interior is using a superfine fiber material, which protects the chassis from scratches and minor impacts.


The Luxa2 Macbook Leather Sleeve is available in 11 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch variants, for both the Macbook Pro and Air.


The product is available online to be bought for about 25 Euros and it is an interesting product to have if we do not already own a full-cover case for our Macbook.



I would like to thank again to Thermaltake for offering this sample for review!

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