LUXA2 Macbook Pro 15 inch Unibody Sleeve Presentation

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If we are traveling often, we have multiple ways of protecting the chassis of our favorite Macbook Pro; one of them is the LUXA2 Macbook Pro 15’’ Unibody sleeve. The laptop can be inserted into the sleeve with ease, which is made from high quality leather and besides protection, we give it an overall professional look.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

When travelling, many of us also choose to take their laptop and/or with them to be updated with the latest news, chat or do some work; for the Unibody 15'' Macbook Pros, Thermaltake has designed the LUXA2 Metropolitan Genuine Leather Sleeve, which is meant to protect our laptop even further from dirt or scratches. The sleeve is packed inside a transparent plastic enclosure, with some of the details on both front and back:





The product can be unpacked in a matter of seconds, carries a simple look and is made from genuine leather, as the title says:




Besides the sleeve, inside we will also find a small leaflet with instructions:




On the sleeves' front we can find the LUXA2 logo:




Here is also a look on the sides of the sleeve, for analyzing the finishing:




On the back side of the product, we can see a different texture of the leather:




The interior of the Metropolitan Leather Sleeve is padded with a superfine fiber for protecting the chassis of the Macbook from scratches or minor impacts:




The Macbook can slide right in with little to no force:






This way, we can put the sleeve in our backpack, without worrying about objects falling into it to scratch the surface.


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