Corsair Hydro Series H80i and H100i Liquid CPU Coolers Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2012-12-02

Corsair is renewing it's all in one liquid cooling solution series. After overhauling the high end AX series power supplies, their high end Hydro 80 and 100 models are getting a facelift too. Baptized as the H80i and H100i models; Without any clue what the i really stands for, however ignition or injection seem logic options. Most important upgrade is the inclusion of the new Corsair Air fan series, which already are renown for improving the cooling performance by a small margin. However that's not the only part where the new Hydro I series differ from their predecessors. Time to explore Corsair's latest addition.

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More New Features

Even the mounting system has been redone. No more swapping brackets by removing tiny screws. Just put the required bracket over the pump unit and you are good to go. It doesn't get more easier then this. All sockets are supported from socket 1155 to 2011 for Intel and for AMD from AM2 to FM2 socket. Can we mention the Hydro80i and H100i are now certified for age 7 to 77 ?





While the H80 and H100 were required to be hooked up to a 4pin molex connector, the new power adapter requires a SATA power connector. As mentioned on the previous page, the FANs are now hooked up to a splitter cable. Two FANs per cable, similar as with the previous versions 4 pin PWM fans are also supported. The cable on the right hand pcture is the LINK cable to connect the pump unit to the motherboard.





A welcome addition is a slightly trimmed down version of the CORSAIR Air FAN series. At first look sporting similar specifications with the 120mm Static Pressure High Performance fan. No fancy ring inserts to adjust the colour theme, nor are the rubber inserts to dampen the vibrations. Maximum RPM is estimated around 2700rpm which is about 300pm faster then the previously mentioned 120mm Air Series SP HP FAN.




For the modders CORSAIR prepared two pre drilled holes for inserting your favourite LED lights.

Some more shots comparing the radiators between the new H100i and the old H100 version:





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