Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by stefan @ 2012-11-26

The CM Storm Stryker is a revised version of the previously launched Trooper, now coming in a white color and a nice side window. The air cooling performance is quite impressive even in the default configuration, the HDD cages position can be switched on our liking and the case also supports multiple fan configurations. A small accessory box can be found at the bottom of the enclosure, X-DOCK allows quick installation of 2.5'' drives in the front and the included fan controller can drive up to 4x120mm fans.

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A Closer Look Part III

The case features black metallic grills even on the top and in the center we will also find the Stryker logo:





The case comes with 9 5.25'' bay covers, one of which containing an adapter for 3.5'':




On the bottom, we'll find a CM Storm cover, that will reveal even more goodies:




The top side features an X-DOCK, where we can plug in any SSD or 2.5'' HDD for immediate usage:





On the top we will also find a central power button, other buttons for turning on/off the fan LEDs, adjusting the FAN speed, one Reset button, the HDD and Power LEDs, the Microphone and Headphone jacks, two USB 3.0 ports along with another two USB 2.0 ports:




The other side panel features an identical design, but this time without the Plexiglass window:




By removing the panel, we will expose the case innards; the case cables are held together with a clip and on the right we can see the two preinstalled white fans:




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Comment from jmke @ 2012/11/27
excellent review