OZONE Gaming Gear Radon Opto Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2012-11-12

The Radon Opto is an affordable mouse from OZONE that can be had for 34.90 Euros from CaseKing.de, sporting an Avago 3090 optical sensor with the ability to adjust DPI from 450 to 3500 and has larger footprints compared to the average mice. The downloadable software allows us to configure the mouse further, by setting macros, keyboard shortcuts, different multimedia functions and more.

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A Closer Look Contd.

Radon Opto has an all-black appearance and is fully covered with a rubberized texture for good comfort during long gaming sessions:




The left side of the mouse comes with two extra programmable buttons and a curved area for the thumb finger:




The right side is much more simpler, with no other buttons to press and meant to support the ring and little fingers:




On the back side, if we look closer, we will observe the OZONE company logo:




When looking from the front, we will find the simple scroll wheel, along with some extra buttons:




Those two buttons we were talking about earlier are the profile selector, along with the DPI level switch; when the DPI is modified, the LED indicator on the left side of the mouse will modify accordingly:




When looking on the bottom side of the mouse, we will see 5 small feet and the cable can be routed through the pre-defined channels; here we'll also find the weight storage compartment:




By rotating the cover in the instructed direction (to the left), we will discover the small individual weights:





These are 4.5 grams each, for a total weight of 22.5 grams:




The mouse cable is braided, as we have seen on most high performance products from the same category:




Finally, the USB connector is themed and gold plated for a perfect contact:



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