OWC DIY Kit (Data Doubler + SSD) and SuperSlim USB 2.0 External Enclosure Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2012-10-18

The OWC DIY Kit is compatible with the latest Mid-2012 non-Retina Macbook Pros and helps us install an additional disk drive by replacing the Apple SuperDrive. The kit also incorporates a high-performance SSD from the same manufacturer (SandForce powered) and for $39.99 extra we can also have the Super Slim USB 2.0 Enclosure for the removed SuperDrive.

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Data Doubler Installation Part I

The supplied SSD can be installed really easy, by simply sliding it into the SATA connectors:





With the included screws, we'll keep the SSD secure onto the Data Doublers' chassis:




To be able to perform the desired modifications, we first have to place the Macbook Pro on a soft surface (to avoid scratches of the aluminum finish) and the bottom side facing up:




After removing the 10 tiny Phillips screws, the bottom cover can be raised, for revealing the internals:




The area we are now interested in is the one with the optical drive; this must be removed in order to install the MCE OptiBay:




With a plastic spudger tool, we must first remove the two data and power cables that are fixed onto the PCB (we do not have to apply a lot of force when performing this operation and must be very careful not to touch the lateral SMD components:




Another cable coming from the Wireless and Bluetooth module must be removed in order to access the first Torqx screw which holds the drive into place:






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Comment from jmke @ 2012/10/18
bit of a markup for the Mac Superslim drive swap, as most SSD are now sub $1 per GB, still a nice kit, much more useful than a DVD drive.

Excellent installation pictures and benchmarks.

Can you use this drive as boot drive for Mac OS X? (while in the new superslim enclosure) ? or do you need to swap the internal HDD?
the Sata speed is 3Gbps on the DVD port?
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2012/10/18
Of course you can use the drive as bootable for OS X. This is the best use for it basically in my opinion. My benchmarks done in OS X show SATA 6Gbps speeds for the SuperDrive bay interface.
Comment from jmke @ 2012/10/18
that's pretty awesome, most OEM systems have no 6Gbps for their DVD drives
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2012/10/18
From what I have read, 6Gbps works well since the 2011 Late versions of Macbook Pro on the SuperDrive interface. This is why Mac Pro Unibody is still awesome compared to Retina or Air regarding possible internal storage space .
Comment from jmke @ 2012/10/23