Kingston Hyper X Predator Dual Channel 8GB 2400C11 Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2012-10-05

A while back Kingston introduced their brand new Hyper X gaming RAMs to the world, baptized the Predator series. The most obvious visual change is the redesign of the heatspreader. The Predator heatspreader is a bit lower and more refined then the aging blue Hyper X heatspreader. Biggest internal change however is the support for higher speeds and tighter timings out of the box. Kingston had to react to the competitors products. The insane memory speeds that Intel's latest 3rd generation Ivy Bridge support, were way higher then what Kingston had on offer. Today we look at the Hyper X Predator 2400MHz C11 8GB Dual Channel kit, optimized for the Z77 platform.

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XMP profiles are getting far and far better programmed. With the latest kit's here at the [M]Lab we've seen the profiles improve drastically over time. Kingston has used the below timings for their 2400C11 kit.



The two most important tertiary timings tRRSR and tWWSR are correctly set at 4, which provide a very high bandwith throughput. Another important timing to verify is the Command Rate. Time to change it from 2 to 1T. tRCD couldn't be touched ( typical Hynix behaviour ) so we tried to lower the TRP and remained HCI Memtest stable at the 11 setting. Our tweaked setup looks like this:




Shaving off another 2 seconds from the 32M SuperPI test is a good start compared to the XMP profile. Since not many timings were altered, we see a moderate increase of 300-500MB/s in the AIDA memory bandwith test.



The Photoworxx test get's a bit boost due to the lower memory latency. The vital setting was the Command Rate drop from 2T to 1T. Same accounts for the CPU test in the Maxon Cinebench Release 11 bench.





The X264HD encoding test encodes 1.5 FPS faster in Pass 1. Pass 2, as usual get's a very mild increase. Tweaking really helps out to boost system performance. The multi threaded Y-Cruncher completes the test close to 1 second faster.



Nothing earthshaking to be expected in 3DMark11, a light boost in the PhysX test and GPU test enhance the total score with a meager 8 points.


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