Kingston Hyper X Predator Dual Channel 8GB 2400C11 Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2012-10-05

A while back Kingston introduced their brand new Hyper X gaming RAMs to the world, baptized the Predator series. The most obvious visual change is the redesign of the heatspreader. The Predator heatspreader is a bit lower and more refined then the aging blue Hyper X heatspreader. Biggest internal change however is the support for higher speeds and tighter timings out of the box. Kingston had to react to the competitors products. The insane memory speeds that Intel's latest 3rd generation Ivy Bridge support, were way higher then what Kingston had on offer. Today we look at the Hyper X Predator 2400MHz C11 8GB Dual Channel kit, optimized for the Z77 platform.

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The 8GB 2400MHz C11 Hyper X Predator dual channel kit had good performances throughout our bench suite, especially when comparing it to the 1600MHz reference clocks. This Kingston Predator 2400MHz is backed up by a very good XMP profile; this makes the options to tweak pretty limited. Good job done by the Kingston team.

The new heatspreader design depends on personal taste. I'll leave that in the open, however it's good to see Kingston finally deviate from a design that was completely milked out. While the newer spreader version is slightly less tall then the previous HyperX versions, it can still lead to compatibility issues when using a bulky air cooler on your processor.

Performance wise this kit is more then a daily user could wish for. High RAM speeds with moderate main timings and a good XMP profile make it crush the 1600MHZ reference kit in some tests of our bench suite. Overclocking the kit was doable at 2600MHz, with a looser tRCD setting of 14. However the performance increase was less then expected. Which makes it in fact quite useless to even try. As mentioned before the boxed 2400MHz speeds are well dialed in. Sadly going tighter is very limited with the Hynix IC choice of this Hyper X Predator kit, no matter the voltages you might try.



Now the best is yet to come and that is the price of this 2400MHz kit. Yes this is no typo, but we already spotted this 8GB kit sub 50 euro's on several price watch sites. In fact it's the cheapest  8GB Dual channel 2400MHz kit we could spot on the webite. This makes buying a 1600MHz kit, costing maybe 10 euros less, pretty redundant in my book. Kingston really has got a strong potent kit at a super affordable price on offer. Can you resist ?




  • Price
  • Good balanced performance
  • XMP profile
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Tall Heatspreader



A big thanks to Els from Lewis PR for providing us with the Kingston Hyper X Predator kit


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