MSI Z77A-G43 Socket 1155 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1155 by leeghoofd @ 2012-10-04

Mostly we cover high end motherboards at the Shrimps due to our enthusiast reviewing nature. However not everybody has the funds to opt for a 200 or more Euros board. Sometimes a balance has to be found between the different components used, to stay below a certain budget. Most compromises have to be made in onboard features. Users tend to cash out more on the fastest CPU and/or GPU they can afford. In builds it's usually with motherboards where cutbacks are done and sometimes even a motherboard with a lower specced chipset is chosen. For socket 1155 MSI offers the budget minded user the choice to be able to buy a motherboard, based on the high end socket 1155 Intel Z77 chipset, yet all at a very affordable price. That's where the Z77A-G43 pops up, time to give the board a spin in the Madshrimps lab.

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UEFI Snapshots

MSI relies on it's Click BIOS, as an overclocker I'm not a real fan of this, but for small interventions it's quite okay. However for big voltage jumps and co the scrolling becomes annoying.

The board alike most MSI board has got three main modes to select from: ECO mode for maximum power saving. Standard mode for the user to fiddle with everything at his disposal. The OC Genie mode automatically overclocks the setup.





In the settings tab all the integrated peripherals with eg. AUDIO and LAN function, HDD modes (IDE, ACHI & RAID) and co are selectable.





In the overclock tab the various settings are available to adjust multipliers, RAM dividers and timings to boost your system performance. Sadly the voltage settings and chosen increments are sometimes a little on the minimalistic side. The latest 2.4 BIOS enhances the VCore increments drastically.





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