GeIL PC3-17000 2133MHz 32GB EVO Leggera Quad Channel Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-10-03

The EVO Leggera series from GeIL comes with a low-height heat sink model, colored in Turquoise Blue, offering maximum compatibility with CPU coolers. The 2133MHz 32GB C11 model we have tested, even if it is rated at 1.65V, it also runs perfectly at 1.5V. The kit also overclocks quite well at the rated voltage, so we could reach 2200MHz without a lot of effort.

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At first I would like to thank GeIL and Freaks 4U for offering a sample of their EVO Leggera PC3-17000 2133MHz 32GB Memory Kit for testing and reviewing.


About GeIL:

"GeIL – Golden Emperor Int'l Ltd. – one of the worlds' leading IT (memory module & CE) manufacturers that concentrates in designing the most innovative product for consumers in a wide range of market segments.


Our business model is based on a lifelong commitment to customer satisfaction. GeIL is determined to produce the most advanced product with absolutely the lowest rate of return for every GeIL customer to receive the quality, performance and dependability they deserve.


Established in 1993, GeIL has soon become one of the most professional memory module manufactures in the industry. Since then GeIL has been concentrating in memory module design and manufacturing. As of today, our manufacturing facilities employ over 200 people and produce a wide variety of modules with distribution in over 50 countries worldwide. GeIL’s Global Headquarter resides in the heart of computer technology – Taipei with branches spreading over in Hong Kong, China and U.S.A.


GeIL understand in order to succeed in the DRAM industry, IC testing and sorting is one of the keys. 100% designed and made by GeIL's strategic R&D for production technology, the EVO III Fully Automatic IC Tester was born in 2006 to maximize the quality and performance of each IC used for GeIL memory module. GeILs' effort in further enhancing the reliability of memory products was realized with the Die-hard Burn-in Technology (DBT) introduced in 2008. The dynamic and efficient testing nature of the DBT Chamber is allowing such burn-in technology to be used on every GeIL memory module to ensure the highest possible reliability for user of all levels. This is just the beginning."

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