GeIL PC3-17000 2133MHz 32GB EVO Leggera Quad Channel Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2012-10-03

The EVO Leggera series from GeIL comes with a low-height heat sink model, colored in Turquoise Blue, offering maximum compatibility with CPU coolers. The 2133MHz 32GB C11 model we have tested, even if it is rated at 1.65V, it also runs perfectly at 1.5V. The kit also overclocks quite well at the rated voltage, so we could reach 2200MHz without a lot of effort.

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Product Specifications

Product Description:

“Leggera” means “light-weight” in the performance world, hence the name of GeIL’s low-profile heat-spreader solution for the DDR3 Hardcore Gaming Memory EVO Product Family - EVO LEGGERA.


EVO LEGGERA is equipped with the latest Leggera low-profile heat-spreader in Turquoise Blue finish, designed with GeIL’s MTCD - Maximum Thermal Conduction & Dissipation technology for enhanced cooling efficiency while maintaining a much more workable height for builds with oversized cooling solution from other PC components.


Speed of up to 2800MHz, like its counterpart in the EVO family, the EVO LEGGERA, is designed for all of the latest motherboard chipsets, including the Intel Z77 platform, for maximum performance and compatibility. The entire Series will also receive GeIL’s superior quality assurance standard of DBT – Diehard Burn-in Technology.


EVO LEGGERA is the new performance benchmark with a low-profile heat-sink solution to provide users with aesthetics and functionality.


Product Specifications:

- Available in 16GB(8GBx2) and 32GB(8GBx4) Quad Channel Package

- Available CAS & Model Number sku:

9-10-9-28: GEL316GB2133C9QC | GEL332GB2133C9QC

9-11-9-28: GEL316GB2133C9AQC | GEL332GB2133C9AQC

10-10-10-30: GEL316GB2133C10QC | GEL332GB2133C10QC

10-11-11-30: GEL316GB2133C10AQC | GEL332GB2133C10AQC

11-11-11-36: GEL316GB2133C11QC | GEL332GB2133C11QC

- Working Voltage : 1.65V

- EVO VELOCE Heat-spreader in Turquoise Blue with MTCD Technology

- Designed for X79, Z77 and other major platforms

- Intel XMP Ready

- Technology: DBT Enhanced, Die-hard Burn-in Technology

- Lifetime Warranty


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