Giada Mini PC i35G Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2012-09-17

The i35G is a cute and small computer from Giada, that can be used for light Internet browsing, watching movies, or playing old games, this while keeping the power consumption to a low level. The chassis comes with active cooling, and the fan speed is being ramped up depending on the temperatures. A Media Center remote is also included inside the box for added value, along with a HDMI cable and a plastic transparent dock to place the computer into the optimal position.

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At first I would like to thank Giada for offering a sample of their i35G Mini PC for testing and reviewing.


About Giada:

"The brand name “Giada” is derived from the Italian meaning “Jade”, which symbolizes the quality and style of each and every product that Giada produces in its state of the art manufacturing facility. With a strong R & D division and product knowledge, Giada has established itself as a leading manufacturer in performance, creativity and design.


“Enrich and improve today’s life style of living and become one of the world’s leading brands in the technology business. We aim to deliver on our promise based on the advantages of our exceptional innovation, quality and style.” says KJ Lin, Giada’sCEO.


The new Giada’s Mini PC will focus on the consumer’s computing needs and versatility in today’s modern world. The high-performance, quiet and eco-friendly (approx. 30W) system is excellent for business and commercial applications (digital signage, healthcare industry, office, and school systems).In addition, Giada’s Mini PC is an idea space-saver for home entertainment systems (blue-ray 2.0 and 1080p) and at home offices. Giada has produced an assortment of product lines, including a slim system that provides the best solution for a variety of applications for customers and industries. The creation of a mini pc that weights approximately five pounds has revolutionalized the computer industry standards.


Giada other attributes includes numerous recognitions and awards for its continuing commitment and support to meet the highest consumer and environmental standards in the industry. Giada complies with ISO9001/14000 specifications and meets ROHS CE, FCC and UL certifications. Giada leads the industry with key technology for products that excel in terms of intelligent thermal management, graphics performance, materials and environmental protection.


The name “Giada” will mean a commitment to quality, value, fashion, simplicity & high performance. Based on years of experience, Giada looks forward in becoming one of the fastest growing and leading brands in the world."

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