Giada Mini PC i35G Review

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The i35G is a cute and small computer from Giada, that can be used for light Internet browsing, watching movies, or playing old games, this while keeping the power consumption to a low level. The chassis comes with active cooling, and the fan speed is being ramped up depending on the temperatures. A Media Center remote is also included inside the box for added value, along with a HDMI cable and a plastic transparent dock to place the computer into the optimal position.

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Overview, Technical Specifications

Product Overview:

The i35G is built on the powerful Intel Atom Cedar Trail D2500 series processor, and with the NVIDA GT610 GPU this mini-PC can offer impressive system performance in consumer and digital signage applications.


Supporting 1080p Full High Definition graphics, the i35G has up to 4GB of DDR3 memory with 512MB of VRAM on board. The i35G keeps power consumption to a minimum at 30W, while still having the flexibility to provide high performance solutions for digital signage for advertising, hospitality, brand promotion and digital menu boards as well as for consumers looking for a compact work station that also allows for light gaming.


The ultra-compact dimensions of 192 x 155 x 26mm allow this mini-PC to fit virtually anywhere, and when used with the optional VESA Mount Kit the users can easily and securely mount the i35G behind the large display devices or monitors.


For end users the HDMI connection and remote control capabilities for playing and controlling music and movies permit even more versatility by allowing the i35G to become a home entertainment system. Connections to other devices the i35G includes VGA, Bluetooth, 5 USB 2.0 ports. There's also a memory card reader port that supports SD, MMC, MS, and MS PRO. All these connections emphasize plug and play ease of use.


Giada is very happy to bring the innovative new i35G mini-PC to the world market, and welcomes all inquiries from customers and partners.


Technical Specifications:


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