Ebode IP Vision 38 Camera Review

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Always wanted to have a look at your house, while you are away from home? A big brother watching playing? You will with this wireless pan and tilt IP camera for indoor use.

Ebode provides the IP Vision 38, so let's have a look into my home from a distance.

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Introduction and Specs

Ebode stands for electronic home and comes from the word abode.

Abode: The place where someone lives.



“The soul of adonais, like a star,

Beacons from the abode where the eternal are.”

Percy Bysshe Shelly (1792-1822) British poet.



Ebode, A brand of BMB electronics, Veen, The Netherlands

Ebode history  As one of European leading suppliers of custom AV installation, building automation and lighting control solutions, BMB electronics was confronted with a demand from end users for home automation, entertainment and security. In 2009 BMB electronics developed and introduced consumer electronic products for the electronic home. Based on successful installers products like infra red extenders and wireless audio / video products, the Ebode brand was set up and a retail concept was developed where comfort, affordability, using the latest technology with easy installation and use, are the key points.

Ebode mission  Ebode has a focus on wireless consumer electronics that gives you easy control over audio and video hardware and signals, appliances, heating, motorized shutters etc. to be available at your fingertips and any place. To take control of your electronic environment Ebode offers high quality products that are being tested in our lab where we focus on high quality, user friendly, affordability, easy to use, latest technology and high rotating products with added value that meets expectations and opportunities of today and the future.

Ebode product lines

Home Automation          -              Home Made Smart

Home  Automation         -              Home Made Easy

Home Security                  -              Home Made Safe

Light  Speaker System    -              The Next Bright Idea




After careful consultation with partners in the retail market, ebode electronics is taking the next steps to introduce new products that meet the wishes from the market. Since its establishment in 2009 ebode electronics has proven to be a serious player in this competitive market who isn’t afraid to be innovative and a pioneer when it comes to new products.

Just recently ebode introduced their first IP Camera. The ebode IPV38 camera is a new generation of indoor cameras with an easy user interface. With the ebode Apple and Android App, and free DDNS, you can always see live feeds, wherever you are.

The camera features a very silent motor for pan and tilt movement. The pan/tilt horizontal angle is 270°, and the vertical angle is 120°. The pan and tilt feature can also be set as a motion detector which records videos, photos and sound.

Next to that the ebode IP camera has infrared LEDS for night visibility up to 10 meters, and features a build-in microphone and speaker.
Besides Apple, the camera supports Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, MSN, hotmail, Gmail etc. and it can give simultaneous access to the live feeds to 9 people at the same time.

The camera can be used both wired and wireless. Please find all specifications of the camera below.





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