Ebode IP Vision 38 Camera Review

Others/Miscelleneous by petervandamned @ 2012-07-30

Always wanted to have a look at your house, while you are away from home? A big brother watching playing? You will with this wireless pan and tilt IP camera for indoor use.

Ebode provides the IP Vision 38, so let's have a look into my home from a distance.

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My door bell went and instead of the ugly postman, a lovely lady brought me the parcel,straight from her work at Ebode to my place. Wishing more companies will do this in future, but let not forget the hardworking guys who normally bring the parcels. Thumbs up for them too!

This parcel contained 2 products, The IP Vision 38 obvious, and a Bluetooth speaker.

But we focus in this review on the 38:


Picture already showing the option like pan & tillt, indoor use and night vision. Wifi connection.

What's inside the box writen on the side and some specs in a several languages.

Inside we have the actual camera, power supply, wall mounting, UTP cable and some screws.

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