Cooler Master HAF XM mid-tower Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2012-07-27

Cooler Master, one of the leading case manufacturers, has recently launched their latest addition to the HAF series, the HAF XM. The HAF range targets gamers, wanting functionality, maximum hardware compatibility and excellent cooling under any circumstances. Modern high end gaming setups usually comprise multi GPU setups, big CPU coolers and likewise power supplies. Case designs have to be constantly adapted to suit the needs of its end users. Easiest solution is to opt straight for a big tower case. Having more than adequate space, ready to being stuffed with the biggest and baddest hardware available. However the size of these cases can be way out of proportion to fit under your desk. A pain in the butt to transport as they mostly weigh a ton or they are just too expensive. With the mid tower HAF series Cooler Master has addressed most of the aforementioned statements. Time to explore what the new HAF XM has to offer.

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The Case

Cooler Master never dissapoints with their box art. Always sporting flashy box art and clearly listing all of the main features on the backside. Other brands prefer a more dull approach by just using a brown cardboard box, probably just to reduce the costs. Ofcourse they will tell you: it's what's inside what matters!




The case is well protected by the two styrofoam inserts. At first glance we see some influences from the Storm Trooper Case, especially in the sidepanel design. The sidepanel protrusions aid either cable management on the backside or allow the installation of optional fans, to extra cool down your favourite graphic cards and other hardware components.





Some might say, another bulky looking case coated in black enclosure. Looks are ofcourse purely subjective and tastes differ. However the Cooler Master gaming series cases seems to be a nice blend between what's hot and what's practical. Again it's what's inside that matters the most doesn't it ? The right hand side panel can easily be opened via the installed latch.


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