Cygnett UrbanShield Brushed Aluminium Case (Samsung Galaxy S2) Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-05-28

The UrbanShield Brushed Aluminium Case for Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a really nice looking back made from brushed aluminum and rubberized sides, for offering a good grip. With the case installed, the phone still remains light and slim and for added value, the manufacturer has also included a screen protector, with the usual soft wipe cloth and squeegee.

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At first I would like to thank Cygnett for offering a sample of their UrbanShield Brushed Aluminium Case (Samsung Galaxy S2) for testing and reviewing.




About Cygnett:


“Cygnett designs, develops and manufactures innovative digital accessories for the world’s most popular gadgets and technology. From cases and accessories for iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets to portable speakers, earphones, power products and laptop bags, Cygnett is celebrated as one of the world’s major digital accessories designers and manufacturers.


Our digital accessories and products shield and connect your digital world, letting you explore it with more peace of mind, shape it with more variety and choice, and share your moments, both big and small. Cygnett packaging is recyclable and partially biodegradable, because we believe the digital world should care for the physical one.


We love what we do. It shows in the quality materials we choose, the extensive range we offer and the extra effort we put into making products that you look forward to using every day. Modern, fresh and dedicated to inventive design, Cygnett goes the extra mile to make your digital experience enjoyable.


With offices on four continents, products in over 45,000 worldwide retail outlets and in more than 40 countries, Cygnett's success is built largely on its ability to design and deliver quality digital accessories and products that tap into what you want – protection, fashion and function.”


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