Cygnett UrbanShield Brushed Aluminium Case (Samsung Galaxy S2) Review

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The UrbanShield Brushed Aluminium Case for Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a really nice looking back made from brushed aluminum and rubberized sides, for offering a good grip. With the case installed, the phone still remains light and slim and for added value, the manufacturer has also included a screen protector, with the usual soft wipe cloth and squeegee.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Product Features, Specifications:


Precision-machined from premium-grade brushed aluminium

Ultra-slimline, close-fitting profile with rubber-finish corners

Superb detailing, with bevelled edges

Easy access to all ports, controls & connectors

Includes screen protector & microfibre cleaning cloth that guard against scratches & dust


Packaging, A Closer Look:

The UrbanShield case for Samsung Galaxy S2 from Cygnett comes shipped inside a small, transparent plastic enclosure, with the reminder that the product includes a screen protector; a tiny orifice is also provided so we can feel the texture from the back of the case, without unsealing the box:



On the back, we can find some of the product highlights listed, in multiple languages:



After getting the contents out, we will find a leaflet containing information regarding warranty:



The UrbanShield case is filled initially with a dummy cardboard enclosure, containing the rest of the bundle:



The bundle we were talking about earlier is composed from a single screen protector, one squeegee and also a soft wipe cloth:



The case comes with a brushed aluminum back and the laterals, along with the bottom are rubberized, to offer a good grip and a nice feel to the touch:



The bottom side has cuts for the speaker and the Data/Charge connector:



The left side comes with the spaces left for the Volume rocker and the orifice where we can attach the lanyard:



On the top we will see the distinct cut for the 3.5mm jack:



Also, the other lateral comes with the cut for On/Off/Sleep button:



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