AMD Radeon HD 7750 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2012-03-23

The Radeon HD 7750 is an interesting offering from AMD, aimed more at budget conscious people, succeeding to deliver about the same performance as the Radeon HD 5770, this time without the need of extra power. The cooling solution from AMD is single slot, features vapor chamber technology; the solutions implemented by the partners have larger coolers, are more silent, but in most cases these are also dual-slot.

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A Closer Look

The 7750 video card looks a lot like the HD 6670 we have reviewed before, coming with a single slot cooling solution, with vapor chamber; the heatsink occupies quite a lot of the PCB surface and has a red/black color scheme:




On the heatsink laterals, we can find metallic fins that help dissipate the residual heat:




The fan has only two wires, so we won’t be able to find out the exact RPM values it rotates in different conditions:




The back of the PCB is pretty clean, letting us know some additional details about the card on the included sticker:




The heatsink is fixed onto the GPU with the help of 4 screws with springs:




On the I/O Shield, we can find one DL-DVI port, one HDMI port and a DisplayPort:




Removing the heatsink is really easy; on its back we can see the large Vapor Chamber surface, along with the contact area for the GPU:




The GPU is surrounded by 4 memory chips and, as mentioned before, the card does lack an additional PCI-Express power connector:




The Cape Verde Pro 28nm GPU that hides under the heatsink is really tiny:




The four memory chips are made by Hynix, 256MB capacity and are rated for 5GHz:





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