AMD Radeon HD 7750 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2012-03-23

The Radeon HD 7750 is an interesting offering from AMD, aimed more at budget conscious people, succeeding to deliver about the same performance as the Radeon HD 5770, this time without the need of extra power. The cooling solution from AMD is single slot, features vapor chamber technology; the solutions implemented by the partners have larger coolers, are more silent, but in most cases these are also dual-slot.

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Product Description

AMD has not released one, but two GPUs in the entry level “Cape Verde” segment, priced competitively so most users should afford them.



The Radeon HD 7750 is meant to replace the HD 6770 (rebadged 5770) Juniper core, which, as we know, needed an additional 6-pin PCI-Express. Thanks to the new core design and lower power consumption, the extra power connector is not longer needed.


As the XFX Radeon HD 7770 SOE we have reviewed before, the AMD Radeon HD 7750 is PCI-Express 3.0 compatible, built on the new 28nm technology. The GPU has 512 shader processors, compared to the 7770 which had 640; both cards feature a total of 1GB GDDR5 memory, which tells us from the start that they were not designed for gaming on ultra high resolutions, with all details cranked to max. The memory is clocked at 1125MHz for a total bandwidth of 72GB/s, on the 128bit bus.



While the Radeon HD 7770 was clocked from the start at 1GHz (named by AMD GHz Edition), the 7750 comes at a lower clock speed, 800MHz to be more exact.


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