Xilence Black Hornet Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2012-03-04

Xilence is a new player in the case market since 2011. Hence one of the reasons their lineup is limited to just 3 cases at the moment. The Black Hornet is the little brother of the acclaimed Interceptor range. Yet the features seem pretty interesting: what about a dual hot swappable HDD, a top HDD docking station and spare room for a dual radiator in the top? Seems to good to be true for the price of 87 euros. And all this inside a midi tower case? Can't wait to unpack it !

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A Closer Look

By removing two screws, we can slide out the top cover , this facilitates the access to the top cutout to either install two fans of 120 or 140mm dimensions. There's plenty of space to install a radiator for your favourite watercooling kit. We installed the Corsair Hydro 100 unit for the temperature tests.






On the right picture you can notice the green PCB that serves as the docking station. Just plug in the SATA cable and power connector and you are good to go. The docking station can be used for 2.5" or 3.5" HDD's.




When opening the front door, you spot directly the two Hot Swappable front loading trays for easy SATA HDD removal. The rear side requires a 4 pin molex to be connected and two SATA cables. There's also the possibility two hook up two case fans.




The loading trays are SSD ready. We encountered a small problem with the installation of the 3.5" HDD. If we mounted the HDD with the 4 screws it didn't seem to make proper contact with the PCB's contact points. When pushing the HDD further back and just using two screws we established proper contact. I hope Xilence can rectify this small issue.




For the PSU, there no anti vibration grommets, luckily a removable dust filter is present.

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