SPEEDLINK STRIKE FX-6 PS3 Bluetooth Controller Review

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The STRIKE FX-6 PS3 Controller from SPEEDLINK operates on Bluetooth (so no extra dongles are needed), and comes with some slight modifications compared to the product from Sony: modified shape for better ergonomics, an On/Off button for saving battery power, Rapid Fire function, modified triggers to avoid slipping or anti-slip surfaces on the controller laterals.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The new PS3 controller from SPEEDLINK named STRIKE FX-6 features Bluetooth technology and is packed inside a transparent plastic box, with some stickers and extra information inside, which inform us of the main product features:




On the back of the packaging, the features are written in detail in multiple languages, along with the "package contents" listing:




The Quick Install Guide lets us know how to setup the product for the first time; here we will also find out that the controller must be left alone to charge initially for about 3 hours:





The STRIKE FX-6 looks a lot alike the Sony controller, with the all-black top and the lateral buttons; the area that mostly suffered modifications is the one in the middle:




On a closer look at the d-pad, we can observe the somehow larger buttons, which are easy to press:




On the right, the X, Circle, Triangle, Square buttons have the same feel as on the Sony model, but the inscriptions are no longer color coded:




In the middle of the controllers' body, we can find the Select, Start, PS button and a new one, named Rapid Fire; the Select and Start buttons are placed differently (which means that we will need a small time to get used to ) and the Rapid Fire function can be enabled by keeping depressed the central button and then we have to press the button we want to have this function active for. The Rapid Fire feature can be also used with multiple buttons at the same time:




The controller laterals are covered with a special non-slip material which offers more grip:




In the back we can see the USB port and the redesigned L2, R2 triggers, which make the finger slipping much less frequent as on the stock controller:




On the bottom of the controller, we can see the shape has been redesigned and is now more ergonomic:




The central sticker lets us know of the product code name and the serial number:




Unlike the PS3 controller from Sony, this one also has an On/Off switch, which can be used for power saving, if the product won't be used for a long time period:




When the controller is configured and turned on, the respective blue LED from the central plastic circle will light up, which will also tell us its assigned number:




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