SPEEDLINK STRIKE FX-6 PS3 Bluetooth Controller Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-01-20

The STRIKE FX-6 PS3 Controller from SPEEDLINK operates on Bluetooth (so no extra dongles are needed), and comes with some slight modifications compared to the product from Sony: modified shape for better ergonomics, an On/Off button for saving battery power, Rapid Fire function, modified triggers to avoid slipping or anti-slip surfaces on the controller laterals.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The STRIKE FX-6 controller for PS3 from SPEEDLINK offers a good value for people that want to try something else instead of sticking with the Sony solution; it operates on Bluetooth so there is no need of additional dongles, which would, in fact, occupy extra USB ports and would be affected by the WiFi interferences.


There are a few enhancements which can be observed shortly after using the product for a while; these would be the laterals which offer a better grip, the more ergonomic back, the Rapid Fire button and the On/Off button. Of course, the controller has also a sleep mode, which enables after seven minutes of inactivity.


Compared to the previously tested PS3 controller, this one also features the "rumble" function, which is great in games like racing or action games.


The STRIKE FX-6 is now found inside the online SPEEDLINK store for about 39.99 Euros, a good value for what is offered.

SPEEDLINK STRIKE FX-6 PS3 Bluetooth Controller is Recommended For:

I would like to thank again to SPEEDLINK for making this review possible!


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