Viako Mini Letter ML55 H61 WIFI PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2011-12-07

The Mini Letter ML55 H61 PC from Viako comes with a modern and clean chassis design, made completely from aluminum and the ventilation is assured by a 40mm fan preinstalled on one of the sides. The product contains the high performance dual core from Intel, i3 2100 which can handle anything we'll throw at it besides gaming. The power consumption vs performance is great and the ML55 also features WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities to enhance the connectivity options.

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Specifications, Product Packaging

Product Specifications:


The small PC that we are going to look upon from Viako is shipped inside a cardboard box labeled "mini letter", with a small fake stamp on the frontal side:




Opening the box reveals the bundle and the computer itself is located in a sealed cardboard compartment:




The actual bundle is composed from the documentation that is shipped with the Intel motherboard inside the ML55 and contains the internal layout with all headers explained, along with the I/O connectors (this layout guide is made as a sticker so it can be put on the chassis, if necessary), an Intel Desktop Board Quick Reference guide, a yellow paper with warnings regarding motherboard processor compatibility, memory voltage limitations, power supply selection and so on, and, of course, the CD with drivers. The retail packaging should also contain one WiFi antenna:




The external power brick is made by Delta Electronics and is rated on the output 19V, 4.74A:




For extra protection, the Viako ML55 is wrapped inside a transparent plastic bag:




Thanks to the chassis made completely from aluminum, the computer has a very nice external appearance; Viako have decided not to include any USB ports in the front, but only the Power On button, surrounded by a transparent plastic ring, which has 3 LEDs under it, two for Power and one for HDD activity:




The top side comes with a ventilation grill and on each corner we can see a black screw; these screws need to be removed in order to access the internals:




On one if the laterals, we can find ventilation holes for the case exhaust fan:




The opposite side comes with the same appearance, but this time without the holes for the small fan:




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