Viako Mini Letter ML55 H61 WIFI PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2011-12-07

The Mini Letter ML55 H61 PC from Viako comes with a modern and clean chassis design, made completely from aluminum and the ventilation is assured by a 40mm fan preinstalled on one of the sides. The product contains the high performance dual core from Intel, i3 2100 which can handle anything we'll throw at it besides gaming. The power consumption vs performance is great and the ML55 also features WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities to enhance the connectivity options.

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A Closer Look Part I

On the back, we can locate the I/O shield with the respective connectors:



-2x USB 3.0




-2x USB 2.0

-Line Out

-Mic In




Some very useful ventilation holes can be also found on the bottom of the chassis:




Each rubber foot is surrounded by an aluminum ring, which makes an interesting contrast with the rest of the case:




The top side of the case comes with an indentation where we must place our nail in order to lift the top cover:




The insides of the computer are well organized, so the airflow is not blocked in certain places. The HDD is located inside a black metallic frame, and fixed on the chassis with two screws; next to it we can find the low profile CPU cooler and the SATA Data/Power cables are in the back. Opposite to the HDD mounting holes, we can see two identical ones, probably for installing a secondary HDD or SSD, but the metallic frame is not supplied:




Removing the HDD from its place reveals that it is made by CLOVERhitech Co., LTD, a 320GB model, 5400RPM with 8MB of cache:




The CPU cooler was made by Gelid, named Slim Silence iPlus and was specially designed to fit Intel's 775, 1156 or 1155 sockets. It is just 28mm high and can cool CPUs up to 82W TDP:




Next, the memory used was manufactured by MX Technology, model MXD3N13332GS SO-DIMM, rated at 1.5V, 1333MHz, CL9:





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