Viako Mini Letter ML55 H61 WIFI PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2011-12-07

The Mini Letter ML55 H61 PC from Viako comes with a modern and clean chassis design, made completely from aluminum and the ventilation is assured by a 40mm fan preinstalled on one of the sides. The product contains the high performance dual core from Intel, i3 2100 which can handle anything we'll throw at it besides gaming. The power consumption vs performance is great and the ML55 also features WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities to enhance the connectivity options.

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At first I would like to thank Viako for sending a sample of their Mini Letter ML55 H61 WIFI PC for testing and reviewing.




About Viako:


Viako is one of the known manufacturers in Asia which is specialized in ITX formats and not only produces cases in many shapes and sizes, but also ships fully equipped systems.


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