Otterbox iPad 2 Reflex Series Case Review

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The Reflex Series iPad 2 Case from Otterbox comes with an interesting design so it can come off really easy, protects the tablet efficiently and is built from high quality materials. As an extra, the case does also come with a dock on which we can sit the tablet in two positions for either writing purposes or for watching movies/slideshows. Each Reflex Series case is shipped with a thin film screen protector, free of charge, along with a squeegee and a cleaning cloth.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The Reflex Series case from Otterbox for iPiad2 is shipped inside a cardboard box with a transparent plastic window on the frontal side, so we can see how the product looks like even before opening up the packaging:




The main case components are explained on the back of the box, in many different languages:




By opening the packaging, we reveal the components of the product and we also get explanations on how to proceed opening it:




The first item that we get out is the dock, which also acts as a screen protector when we are travelling; we will get back to it later to see how we can operate it:




By removing the dock, we reveal another set of instructions, which tell us how to open up the case, how to install it, how to operate the dock and, of course, how to sit the iPad 2 on the dock:




The Reflex Series dock is split into two parts for easy disassembly purposes:




Both top and bottom sides have underneath a soft felt lining to prevent scratches to the back of the iPad 2 surface:




Here is a close look of the openings this case provides:


Mute button, Camera


Audio jack


Data/Charge connector



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