Otterbox iPad 2 Reflex Series Case Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-11-21

The Reflex Series iPad 2 Case from Otterbox comes with an interesting design so it can come off really easy, protects the tablet efficiently and is built from high quality materials. As an extra, the case does also come with a dock on which we can sit the tablet in two positions for either writing purposes or for watching movies/slideshows. Each Reflex Series case is shipped with a thin film screen protector, free of charge, along with a squeegee and a cleaning cloth.

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Features, Specifications

Product Features:

Reflex Zones™ in corners

Slick exterior

Easy snap-off access for docking

Included snap-on touch screen shield doubles as a viewing and typing stand

Unique audio routers direct sound toward you for excellent listening pleasure

Product Specifications:


WEIGHT: 10.3 oz / 294 g

DIMENSIONS: 10.07 in x 7.85 in x 0.87 in / 255.70 mm x 199.43 mm x 22.11 mm

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