MSI R6970 Lightning

Videocards/VGA Reviews by petervandamned @ 2011-12-20

On the market from april 2011. Still ATI's fasted single GPU card. Before the new 7000 serie hits the market, we will have a look and tests on MSI's R6970 Lighting. Fast enough with the normal air Twin Frozr III as we can see in the tests. 

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What's under your cap?

Before we remove the Twin Frozr III cooler. One word of advice. Be very carefull and take your time !

Normally it's an easy job to remove the cooler, but one wrong handling and you could damage the card. 

Removing 4 springed screws gives a look at the Cayman XT GPU. Covered in cooling paste.

I cleaned the GPU core. Just a 5 mins job removing and another 15 mins of drying the purifier.

Now we can have a good look at the almost naked video card.

They can't be overlooked, them big ass SFCs Wait what did you say ? SFCs? 

Super Ferrite Choke's

Simply explained, these allow for  10% better power efficiency and 30% higher current capacity. Also they run far cooler in reards to regular ones on the referenc design cards. These can help to increase the overclocking capabilities big time. And don't they look great? 



After removing the other screws for the big one piece heatsink, we get 3 parts:



Left from the SFC we see in the above picture the Copper Mos (Right if you hold the card normaly)

Time to assemble a complete system and start testing this video card ->

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