MSI R6970 Lightning

Videocards/VGA Reviews by petervandamned @ 2011-12-20

On the market from april 2011. Still ATI's fasted single GPU card. Before the new 7000 serie hits the market, we will have a look and tests on MSI's R6970 Lighting. Fast enough with the normal air Twin Frozr III as we can see in the tests. 

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The box and his content

So time to pull out the box and card.

containing the video card

The box comes with loads of information about this product and a nice window. But let's open it and take out the card. Besides the actual card what's included  ?

First of all the DVD with drivers tools 

one mini display cable:


So we can measure the volts on memory GPU and VDDCI with provided cables:

What else can we see in a quick look. One small switch for Performance mode and silent fan mode

The new twin frozr III cooler fans slightly stick out side the housing! For better cooling:

On the back there we find a few small switches. What do they do?

Well for extreme overclocking you can unlock the OCP (Over Current Protection).

PWM Clock tuner from 300 to 350 Mhz for riple elimination.

A V-switch for instant adjusting voltages on GPU, memory and PLL

A MSI 580 Lightning also has a cold bug switch. We will check later if this ATI version really didn't need it

Left to the OCP switches we see the leds on control for the VRMs. Let's first remove the massive cooler and see what underneath it

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