MSI R6970 Lightning

Videocards/VGA Reviews by petervandamned @ 2011-12-20

On the market from april 2011. Still ATI's fasted single GPU card. Before the new 7000 serie hits the market, we will have a look and tests on MSI's R6970 Lighting. Fast enough with the normal air Twin Frozr III as we can see in the tests. 

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Let's introduce the card

First of all i need to say thank you to MSI for giving us a change to test this card, and for beeing patience.

First of all we want to show some MSI product specs:

The MSI Lightning serie compared to the Ref. ATI serie

And MSI's comparing with another videocard builder. ( Not a Madshrimp test!)

Here is some more MSI's media talk:


Very interesting? Not really time for some real life work now.


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